Our high-quality and reliable products are designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We are able to provide the best solution for your production needs thanks to our expertise and many years of experience.

Printing inks

Water-based acrylic-resin-based flexographic and gravure inks, alcohol-based flexographic and gravure inks.

Anilox rolls

Cleaning of anilox rolls can be done at the customer’s premises directly in the printing machine without removing the roll from the machine.

Gear cutting tools

The most commonly used tools are milling machines, grinders, welding machines and grinding tools for making different sizes and shapes of gears for different applications. It is important to consider the required quality, production speed and total cost of production when choosing a tool.

Spring coiling machines

Spring coiling machines are crucial tools for the industrial production of different types of springs. They are designed for quick and efficient production of springs of various shapes and sizes.

Wire, cable and hose making machines

Wire making machines are crucial tools for the industrial production of wires of various types. Our company offers a wide range of wire making machines, including wire drawing, bending, cutting and forming machines.

Packaging making machines

Packaging making machines are an indispensable part of the industrial production of packaging for various products. Our company offers a wide range of packaging making machines.